Life-Changing Benefits of Coaching

Maeve is a woman of true integrity, a living example of the dynamic and life-changing benefits that Coaching can bring. I very much look forward to continued working with Maeve and thoroughly recommend her to anyone wanting to understand themselves better and ultimately find their own true love.

As a Coach She is Great

I appreciate Maeve’s professionalism – as a coach she is great and goes to great lengths to make sure she does the best she can every time. Also I felt she really cared. Beyond the professional approach, this is clearly not just a business for Maeve.

Enlightening Work

She believes in what she is doing heart and soul and it shows – there’s a lot of power, authenticity and love radiating around her. Thank you Maeve it has been a pleasure and it has been truly enlightening working with you.

From Never Ending Circles to Straight Lines

Here’s someone who will take you out of never ending circles and help you move on to a straight line. She has the insights, the experience and the wisdom to do it and she is authentic and powerful. Follow her lead and you will start walking on a straight path again.

Realigning How I Spoke About Myself

Maeve showed me quite quickly that it was not that I was unlucky, but that I was not ready for it, I was not in love with myself yet…she helped me realign my wording with myself and how I spoke about myself!

I Met Someone After a Few Months!

Maeve helped me work out what I was looking for and what I actually can offer someone else.  I have learned that I am special and unique and need to find someone who compliments me rather than me fit around them..And that I can be happy…proof is I met someone after a few months of working on myself.

I Am Dating a Good Man!

I now reject the men who are time-wasters and make time for men that I might have ignored before but have all the values of a potential life partner. Life is certainly more fun these days and more optimistic about the future. The best thing that Maeve has taught me? You don’t have to settle. Phew! And yes, I am dating a good man.

Becoming More Open

Maeve has also inadvertently reached other areas of my life. To be fair, she made me whole again. I forgot about the confident person I was. She reminded me.  Today? My friends tell me that I am more open (and emphasised the big wall I put up between us).