From Apprehension and Fear of Failure to Sense of Hope and Purpose

I have learnt a good deal about myself in the past few months from discussions within the sessions. I have been prepared to have an open mind and experiment with new techniques which have led me to a deeper understanding of who I am and how to communicate on a different level. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the time passes during the sessions, it is quite liberating to be in a non judgemental atmosphere and be able to share such personal thoughts and feelings. I am happy with the coaching I have received. The sessions are always productive and revealing and I always emerge with a renewed sense of purpose. Prior to starting I felt apprehensive, afraid of failure and unsure of the future. Now I feel a sense of hope and I try to retain that sense of purpose.


Thank you Maeve for sharing your transformational story.  You are a true inspiration and I appreciate your authenticity.

Thanks Maeve

Thanks Maeve you have allowed me to see myself and my relationship with myself very differently.  I recommend everyone take the time to experience what it means to love themselves. 

Develop Loving Harmonious Relationship

Maeve Crawford lovingly empowers each person she meets. I have so much respect for her mission to heal the soul of the world by assisting people to experience powerful breakthroughs in their lives and develop loving, harmonious relationship with themselves and others.

Find True Love

Maeve is a really exciting person to work with. She asks insightful and challenging questions in a supportive way, enabling you to find solutions and move forward in your life. She is sensitive, caring and walks her own talk. I thoroughly recommend her, particularly to anyone who is wanting to find true love in their life.

The Journey Home to Your True Source

If you seek to love deeply, connect to yourself and another as you once dreamed it could be, contact Maeve to begin the journey home to your true source and experience the love and light that is yours by Divine right.

Qualified and Capable Guide

Maeve is one of the most spiritually insightful, unstoppable and profound humans on the planet. If you have ever wanted, desired or longed for knowing how to cultivate a deep and lasting love relationship that originates with self and expands from there in all directions and especially includes sharing your life intimately and fully with a partner, you will find yourself in the loving hands of a most qualified and capable guide.

Truly Amazed

I just want to say that I am truly amazed by how much I have achieved emotionally by working with you!

An Incredible Coach

Maeve has left her mark on my heart from the first time I met her and continues to influence my life with her knowledge and understanding of the importance of self love. Maeve is an incredible coach who lives what she teaches.

Empathy for Those Struggling in Relationships

Maeve is the most amazing person I’ve met who really knows how to love herself and because of it emits so much love to others. She radiates what she teaches and she’s so comforting to be around especially if you’re at a period in your life where you find it difficult to love yourself. Maeve speaks with authenticity and empathizes with those struggling in relationships.