Journey Back to Love

Relationship Recovery


When a relationship comes to an end, Your heart is broken and you may feel like a failure.  You want to curl under the duvet and turn back time. 

It takes a long time to reach the point of emotional balance, which involves a lot of inner soul searching, healing and discovery of who you truly are. 

The Journey Back to Love can be difficult when you don’t know what’s to come or how to get there. 

Deep down all you want is for someone to truly understand and to get where you’re coming from. 

You want the pain to stop and you want to talk about it until you get to the point where talking about it is no longer needed. 

You want to talk to someone trustworthy who gets it, has been there before, truly knows what it feels like and is qualified to support you over the bumps in the road. 

Recovering from the end of a long-term relationship and remembering your true beautiful self can be challenging, but it can be done. 

I want you to know, I totally get it.  Why do I get it?  Because I’ve been where you are!  I’ve had those nights of not sleeping, days where I couldn’t eat and times when I wished the thoughts in my head would be more focused on happier themes. 

Eventually, things began to change and I started to want something else in my experience.  Day by day I began to regain my composure and start to refocus my thoughts, find inner peace, identify what this pain was truly about and what I could do to heal it. 

My healing redirected me away from books, coaching, training and meetings.  It brought me to something I hadn’t anticipated.  This new level of awareness has guided me to create my one-year Journey Back to Love programme. 

Journey Back to Love includes 3 levels of deep emotional  healing and recovery:



Regain your equilibrium as you heal within






Remember who you are and why you’re here as you deepen your connection with YourSelf and the Divine





Reclaim your Divinity and step into the world as a brand new you! 

Journey Back to Love provides a safe space to heal and recover from the pain of a long-term relationship ending. 

I’ve created this programme because when I was going through my recovery, I couldn’t find anything like it.  It includes the methods I used to help me during my healing and recovery journey. 

You don’t have to do this alone and you can recover and feel even better than you did before! 

If this feels like something you need and would like to discuss what’s involved and what the investment is, then send me an email to:  I will be in touch to schedule a conversation with you.