Divine Discovery Day with Maeve





Today is the day you decide to change your love life forever!



Are you tired of running around trying to get the truth about dating?  Do you feel your efforts are getting very little in return? I feel your pain!

Your dating and relationship dream is closer than you think. How do I know? Because I’ve discovered something most dating coaches won’t tell you. Since 2005, I’ve studied, I’ve researched and I’ve helped others like you find love.  It’s not by chance I’ve experienced a loving relationship I had no idea how to have before I learned what I know now. It hurts me to see how you’re being sold short.

Your dating success is within your power!


Perhaps you don’t want to spend a lot of time going through a programme to learn what’s required to create the relationship of your dreams and online dating doesn’t appeal! You may be a busy professional woman with a hectic work schedule, so you want to access the information quickly and get on with finding the love of your life.

That is why I’ve decided to offer something special. This one day intensive will provide you with the information you need to make your love life a reality.  In addition to this, we will also give you a day of pampering and exclusive attention enabling you to walk away feeling totally refreshed, rejuvenated and re-energised.  You will also walk away with a powerful Divine Dating Plan that is uniquely yours!






When you step out of your daily routine and

spend the day focused on you, miracles happen!


Indulge Yourself and Relax in the Luxurious Surroundings of an

Elegant London Spa Hotel.



This is an experience like no other. Enjoy a full day immersed in being fully pampered and looked after in one of London’s most exquisite and intimate spa hotels! Select from a variety of treatments: Oriental Aromatic Hammam, full Body Swedish Massage, Mini Radiance facial, luxury Manicure and luxury Pedicure. Your luxury package includes a complimentary sparkling cocktail of your choice and light lunch or afternoon tea.

During your special day, you will co-create your unique Divine Dating Plan with me. You will begin to practice the principles of the Dating by Divine Design programme and come away with a clear vision for the life and relationship you want to create!



Before We Meet in Person

To make the most of your luxury VIP day of pampering and Divine Dating Plan Creation, you will begin your journey with a preparatory Divine Discovery Session. Setting your intention for what you most want to experience during your VIP day, will benefit you tremendously.

We will meet via conference line to discuss your current reality and what you would like to create for your Divine Love Life. You know yourself better than anyone.  The more you reveal during this preparation, the more you will gain from our day together!


On the Day

You will start your day with your first treatment, a luxury pedicure in the exclusive spa, which only has space for two people! Starting from the ground up, your relaxed state will significantly enhance your creative energy and help you to connect powerfully to the Divine within you!

After your first treatment, we will begin to explore your intentions that were discussed during your Divine Discovery Session.

Whatever is perfect for your life and relationship will be explored.


During the Morning

To help you gain insight on what has held you back, we will delve deep and begin a process that will allow you to release you from the entanglements of these stumbling blocks.

We will then explore what you need to let go of and how to make sure you release yourself from any unwanted and negative energies that prevent you from calling forth that which you desire.

The morning session will prepare you for the discoveries you will experience and enjoy during the afternoon session following your next treatment!





Your Next Treatment

To truly relax you and connect you further to Your Divine, you will experience full Body Swedish Massage. Being relaxed will help you to feel connected to who you truly are. The more relaxed you become, the more you will find it easy to connect with what you truly wish to experience in life and love!




To allow you to fully benefit from the previous treatment, you will have time to rest and relax in the beautiful ambience of this intimate spa.

When you feel ready, you will have some time to explore the next level of exploration and discovery. We will do this with a light, nutritious lunch, served in the spa area.

During the morning, you discovered and began to release what no longer serves you in your life. The afternoon session will focus on what you want to enjoy and experience from this moment moving forward.


Lunchtime Conversation

While you enjoy your lunch, we will discuss what you’ve learned so far and focus on any questions you may have at this time. This is where we will begin to create your Divine Dating Plan!


Next Steps

When the day ends, we will explore your next steps. Perhaps you would like to continue with ongoing mentoring until you are in the arms of your Beloved. Perhaps you would like a chaperone to support you on dating experiences. Perhaps you would like support to develop the relationship so you don’t risk sabotaging it with old behaviours. Perhaps you would like some support to create the vision for your perfect wedding! Whatever you decide is open for discussion.





Support to Keep Going

After your VIP experience, it is important to ensure you feel supported to take the next steps that are perfect for you. Your Divine Dating Plan will include daily and weekly action steps to help you know what to do to make your dating dream a reality.

Follow Up

Within one month after your Divine Dating Discovery Day, we will schedule a further period of support to keep the momentum going and check in with how you’re getting on with your Divine Dating Plan. You will receive 3 monthly 60-minute coaching sessions to check in with how you’re getting on with the plan and see what you need from me moving forward.  You will also receive email support in-between sessions as and when you need it.

The Investment

To be eligible for this special day, you must first apply for the initial confidential Divine Discovery Session. The financial investment will vary depending on your chosen package. You will also have the option of staying overnight in the luxury hotel after your day to make the most of the wonderful surroundings, reflect on your experience and even take in some of what London has to offer.

The investment for this Luxury Pampering VIP Day, starts at £1500. Payment plans are available and must be paid in full prior to your day.

Remember, how you treat yourself is how you expect others to treat you! You are worth the time and money.





Additional Information

If travelling to London is not an option for you, please email VIP@datingbydivinedesign.co.uk with some suggestions of where you might like to experience your VIP day.


My Commitment to You

I know that the most powerful transformations take place when we meet in-person. I will be fully present and available to you throughout our time together. Please be prepared to be fully present and coachable during your VIP day. The more of your true self you bring, the more you will truly benefit from this exclusive experience.

Due to the nature of the personalised and bespoke service, these VIP days are non-refundable. Your confirmation booking indicates your full agreement with this.


Any questions regarding this, please email: VIP@datingbydivinedesign.co.uk