Crystal Healing Therapy



Emotional Wellness is vital to our overall sense of happiness, joy, creativity and connection to Spirit.  Living in the physical world, which is often fast paced, hectic, chaotic and demanding, your emotional self can take quite a battering.

Your relationship with yourself is the key to the relationships you have with others.  When you take time out to look after yourself, receive the love and healing that is Divinely yours, you become more receptive to experiencing the joys of life. 

As part of my mission to help as many people as possible to heal their emotional wounds and open their hearts to give and receive love, I have qualified as a Crystal Healer.  I now offer addtional services to support you on your journey to attract love. 

If you wonder what is holding you back from attracting true love and have tried all other methods to unblock the hidden or unknown, crystal healing sessions could be the answer. 


During the session, I will connect with you intuitively and energetically.  I will ask you some questions about your particular situation and you will have a chance to ask me some questions.  When you feel ready, you will lie down and I will cover you with a blanket.  The healing session will begin.

The laying on of crystals is done carefully and gently.  You will have a chance to choose additional crystals to work with depending on your particular issue or challenge.  Sessions will last approximately one hour, although the initial session will last 1.5 hours due to the assessment and preparation.  

During previous sessions, clients have experienced tingling sensations, gurgling from their stomach, a sense of release, sharp electric like feelings and often a sense of unexplained emotion.  These are all normal and are an indication that the crystals are working with you and your body. 

After the session we will discuss what you experienced and what Spirit shared with me.  This will help gain a level of understanding of what happened and what was released. 

Each person is unique and will experience Crystal Healing sessions differently to others.  The session is non invasive, relaxing and effective.  The more relaxed you become, the more effective the healing you will experience.

Here is what one person shared after her first session:

rosequartzI was excited at the thought of having a crystal healing session with Maeve: I had collected a few crystals over the years, but had never tried to use them to heal and didn’t know how. I could hardly wait for my session and was full of expectation: I believe that there is a link between the fibroids I have and my sacral chakra, and that crystal healing could address them. That, and the grief I was experiencing nearly two years after my mum’s death, meant that I was stuck in my life.

Maeve’s calm demeanour immediately put me at my ease and gave me confidence in what she was about to do. She explained how the crystals worked and the process she would take me through. I liked the idea of the pendulum responding to issues going on in my body that would guide Maeve to focus on healing that area.

Maeve has a gentle, feather-like touch that was completely unobtrusive. I was very relaxed throughout session. Something was happening, although I had my eyes closed and couldn’t see what she was doing. But I did feel tingling, gurgling and shooting sensations in certain parts of my body. I like to think my body has a mind of its own, but sometimes I don’t believe it has. In spite of myself, I experienced feelings that I could not explain during the session.

After the healing, Maeve shared what she’d discovered and her discovery answered a question that I didn’t even know I had.

citrine for abundance and prosperityIn the days following the session, my morbid thoughts went away and my reproductive area feels lighter. Maeve put in my hand a crystal that represents abundance and prosperity. The day after our session, I was invited to do supply work in a local school and had the opportunity to work in three others (I had to turn them down, but it was great to be asked). The supply teaching is really taking off now and I am optimistic about my immediate future.

Maeve’s discovery also confirmed my place in the world: we all have a purpose and the session gave me the confidence to realise this fully. It’s only been a few days, but I feel a relief that has eluded me for a few years now.

I’m really grateful to Maeve for the healing that came through her. Thank you, Maeve!”

Someone Else Said:

I had personal problems and prior to the healing felt very stressed. During the healing I felt quite relaxed and after the healing emotional and calm at the same time. It’s amazing. I felt quite emotional and feelings were up and down for a few days, then I perked up. It was very relaxing and I felt I slept a bit better that night, as I hadn’t been sleeping well for a while.”

This person said:

‘’ I see the crystal healing as part of the whole healing process that can stir the emotions bringing them to the surface. The space to ground and truly rest is created which will help on your journey forward…’’

Amazing experience for this person!

During my first crystal healing session I experienced various amazing sensations. I also felt my energy moving throughout my body. At the end, I was very happy about the whole experience and I just wished it could last longer. Maeve presented and explained the process very professionally. I would highly recommend you to use Maeve’s service, even as an experiment. Carmen Stoian

Divine energy and marital bliss for this person!

My crystal healing session with Maeve was deeply relaxing. I felt waves of pure energy course through my entire body, a very pleasurable feeling. It was real proof that these precious stones are pulsating with divine energy and have the potential to clear and heal deeply embedded blockages. She sensed and cleared a block in my throat chakra. Hours later, in a situation with my husband, I saw how differently I was able to communicate my needs without letting it flare up into a disagreement. Thank you, Maeve.

How much for sessions?

I am currently offering introductory sessions for £50 until 28th February.

When you book 4 sessions and pay in full £200 you will receive a 5th session free! You can either use this 5th session for yourself or gift it to a friend!

To book Crystal Healing Sessions with me, please email:  and I will be in touch with you to arrange your appointment or call 07873 868 860