Break-Up Support

Recently broken up with someone you love? 
Struggling to make sense of it? 
Wondering what went wrong? 
Can’t find the right support to help you get through this?
At a time when your heart is breaking and nothing makes sense, the last thing you want is support that takes months to arrange!
When you’re in the early stages of a break up, costly mistakes can be made.  How do I know?  I know because I’ve made them!
You need someone to listen.
You need someone who won’t judge.
You need space to feel heard and understood.
For a limited time, I’m offering a 90 minute Break Up Support Session, usually £125 for only £47!
Simply make your payment here and I will be in touch with you to schedule your session at a convenient time.

Go here to find out more about Maeve:  Who is Maeve?